More YouTube Baduk Stars!


Watching baduk games and lectures on YouTube helps me learn and gets me excited about the game. Back in July I did a write up on Haylee, Sibicky, and Jackson—three stars I was following at the time. Today I want to do a profile on the three streamers I’ve been watching the most these past few weeks: Dwyrin, Lightvolty, and In Sente.

DWYRIN is the most established and prolific of the current crop. His YouTube page features over 200 videos on go and a host of other games, such as Sim City. Dwyrin’s style is perhaps best summarized with the question: “Can I kill all the things?” That question and the little “doot, doot, durp” sounds he makes while reading variations out on stream have made their way into my own games. Currently Dwyrin is a 6-dan AGA, and he started playing baduk around 2000. At first I didn’t give Dwyrin’s material much of a chance, but that is to my discredit: His videos – both lectures and live games – are top quality. Each post contains nuggets of wisdom for a little kyu like myself, and I try to apply his lessons to my games.

LIGHTVOLTY is a Maryland-based baduk player who is ranked 6-dan AGA. His YouTube features many Tygem games, mostly from his climb to digital 8-dan. In real life, Lightvolty is Justin Teng and he’s been featured in several AGA E-Journal stories. Justin runs the University of Maryland Go Club, which hosts an annual tournament at the Baltimore campus. What I especially like about Justin’s material is his writing, which has inspired me in my own journey to shodan. There are three documents in particular that I keep nearby: his reading list, a description of his journey to 6-dan, and a guide to becoming a single-digit kyu. Good games, solid inspiration. Thanks odnihs!

IN SENTE is another East Coast-based player, and he just made 1-dan on Tygem after a 10-month push. Way to go! I appreciate In Sente’s material because he’s a newly minted shodan and appreciates the struggles many kyus face to raise their baduk abilities. I’ve found some really engaging games and lessons on his YouTube page. What is more, as player who raised his rank from 13-kyu to 1-dan in under a year, In Sente’s journey directly mirrors that which I am on, and that’s inspiring!