Three YouTube Baduk Stars


The world of online baduk has been blessed recently with the appearance of three outstanding YouTube personalities: Andrew Jackson (4d), Nick Sibicky (4d), and Lee Haijin (3p).  Each channel offers something different. Both Jackson and Sibicky lecture at the Seattle Go Center for single-digit and double-digit kyus respectively. Their lessons focus on everything from basic tactics to higher-level techniques, such as not helping an opponent make shape.

Lee takes a different tack. Posting as Haylee L., Lee, a Korean professional with the International Go Federation, records herself playing baduk and thinking out loud. Her purpose is to open the mind of a professional player to viewers. Anecdotally, commenters attribute their improvements of one or two stones to watching Lee’s videos. There is nothing quite like Lee’s channel elsewhere on the internet – it is a real treat for baduk players everywhere.

As of this writing, Jackson has 44 single-digit kyu classes posted. Sibicky clocks in at more than 140 double-digit kyu lectures. Lee just celebrated her 100th video. Aside from multi-part lectures, such as Sibicky’s series on fuseki, viewers can jump around these channels without risking continuity issues.

Through their combined efforts, these three YouTube personalities have made a valuable contribution to baduk players of all ranks and abilities. Even considering that, at times, I do not understand the material, my own experience has been uniformly positive. I also do not seem to be alone. Based on the ratings and comments these videos receive, their producers should be encouraged, and I hope that this groundswell of support inspires Jackson, Sibicky, and Lee to continue their outstanding work.